Launch of Updated Company Website

We are delighted that our new KR1 plc website and updated email newsletter are live, took us a little while… 🐌 - have a look at

The website features some new pages including an ‘Entrepreneurs’ and ‘About Us’ page, a more detailed ‘Investments’ page, an entire ‘Investors’ section, more content about KR1 plc and related portfolio projects on the ‘Media’ page and an often requested FAQ page. On the FAQ page we are planning to address commonly occurring questions that do not quite qualify as regulatory announcements in themselves but are at the same time useful to be addressed in a more public and transparent manner.

With that, you can also sign up to KR1 plc Substack newsletter right here or through our website where we will make sure to keep everyone updated on news regarding KR1 plc, portfolio projects or relevant developments in crypto.